I was so tired last night. Got to bed early and the fireworks in town woke me.

So, I opened the blinds and there they were, obscured somewhat by the leaves in the trees. I pointed them out to Max and he saw two and wanted out, but I lay down sideways on the bed and had a reassuring hand on my feline co-pilot as I watched them go above the treeline.

store sing along 

I had a line at the register.

I said, "Here's something new. It's a store sing along. I'll start. Row , row , row your boat..."

A customer sang, "Gently down the stream".

"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily", sang a third person and then someone walking from the back, "Life is but a dream".

Solar glare 

One morning I woke and knew I was out of coffee. Okay, off to the 1369 Coffee Shop in Inman Sq., Cambridge. I got mine to go and headed back to my digs.

Heading up Cambridge St was difficult. The solar glare made me blind, save for the bright yellow that blasted my eyes. I had to cross the street, guessing where the crosswalk was.

Suddenly I realized my right foot was moving quickly out in front of me there on the street. Before I could think, I was on the ground. 

I saw better from that perspective. 


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Valerie Alain and I 

I was working a Saturday at Harvard Sq.'s Briggs and Briggs Music.
It was busy. CD's were relatively new.My manager asked me to get the tribal CDs by me (Pygmies of the Ituri Forest), I reached for them on a low shelf and turned around to have a woman's face inches away from mine. Her blue eyes were all I saw. Suddenly, I said, "You're Valerie Alain" (an actress who was on a PBS TV show that taught French as the main characters went on a fun vacation). I had a wicked crush on her and my housemates and…

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Fortune Cookie 

Fortune Cookie

I certainly saw a lot of her, even though she had left me several months before. She soon discovered that the visiting professor she had left me for was a " major disappointment ".
As the most hellacious, brutal winter pushed hard against the force of flowers, I was constantly barraged with her needy visits on my lunch hour.
" I don’t know what I’m doing", she would say, soaking the front of my shirt with tears. Worse than our sleepless bouts of the past- keeping each other awake, finally…

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An endearing nap 

In 1984 I met a young artist from the Southwest working at a local restaurant. We began see each other on dates and I was falling deeply in love.
She invited me over and played Claire de Lune on her piano. I was floating in a enamored state.Spring came and flowers were in bloom. She invited me to go to the Boston MFA to see the works of Millet. All week I saw in my head the image of the two peasants taking a mid day nap by a pile of hay . I so wished she would lie next to me in this manner.
We enjoyed the…

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Robert Plant and me 

I had met Robert Plant on the sidewalk, a block away from my store, Briggs and Briggs Music in Harvard SQ. I pointed out our store and he said he'd be by. I got back to work and my coworkers were like, "Oh, sure, Bob. You met Robert Plant and he's coming in. Uh huh". I was coming up from our downstairs and as I ascended , I saw the street floor. I looked out and saw Plant open the door, get down on his haunches, point at me, and eye to eye, say, "There he is".
I replied, "Hi, Mate".
We had a good time. He…

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I am where I need to be 

I am happy to say that retirement, no matter how impoverished, has led to doors opening for me in music.
The worst thing I ever did to my career was listening to my mother (RIP) and making a day job a priority. Suddenly, I was not able to play phone tag with club managers. My energies went to keeping the stays quo.
I realize, though, that I have somehow managed to learn audio production.
Here I am decades later, having just gone through 4 accidents in 4 years, and I realize that the last time someone crashed…

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What is "What It Is"? 

What is "What It Is"?
After playing together off and on for some years, I had the chance to jam with bassist, Mike Martone. He was between bands and I had been ever prolific, writing and recording.
We played that day and scheduled another session for the next week.
So that day comes and I get a phone call from Mike on the road. He said he had an idea and would tell me when he arrived.
Mike suggested we do an album together, it would be my album and compositions, only with his input on the arrangements and…

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Love's Mishaps, Part 2 

"Love's Mishaps" spans 30 years with the bulk of the tunes from this century. 1984-2012.
"Be alright" (2003):
Acoustic guitars and mandolin back my vocals and lead guitar.
"What Memories" (1988):
A four track tape recording sporting electric mandolin and guitar
"Mixup in the orders" (1981, recorded 1999ish):
My only Freudian Reggae tune, recorded as my last big four track tape production turned digital. I am reminded of "A Mid-Summer's Night's Dream" with the donkey and cuckoo.
Mandolin and bass
"Love's mishaps"…

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