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That's Bob, with one "o".

Let's give a GREAT song a chance!

My masterpiece, according to some. I clearly intend getting this in a major motion picture and/or TV ad!


When I lived in that famous house in Cambridge  me and the housemates and I started using "how you say" in sentences. It spread to our respective co-workers. 
Here's an example: Hi, I'm Bob and I used to work at Briggs and (how you say) Briggs.



Four Trilogies

Words, music and recording:
℗ ©, Bob Comtois
Produced by Bob Comtois
Art direction: James Herbst

4X3 Four Trilogies

Now available

Surprising rock/pop..

Comtois Obscura

The second retrospective from the prolific 4 track studio years. Available now! 


The WAV versions for the same price: