New England singer-songwriter-guitarist-mandolinist, Bob Comtois has been emoting through unique lyrics and melodies since the late '60s, and the appeal of his music keeps growing finer with age. Because the bourgeois life of a massive hitmaker has eluded him, he's never grown lazy in his music creations and his creative output has remained relevant, personal and highly relatable through the gamut of emotions from deep heartache to unbridled joy. Had he made the "big time," though, I suspect Bob's musical integrity would never have faded, because his songs are crafted with such sincerity. One of the advantages of modern social media is that he's been able to widen the geography of his audience; a disadvantage is that not many stooping-into-smartphone-thumb-clickers have the attention spans to experience the pleasure, pain, wonder and other sensations that his songs evoke. Much of his life's output may be sampled at soundcloud for free, but if anyone deserved a humongous retro paycheck for a half-century of entertaining millions in folk clubs and on the streets of Boston, it's Bob.