Huge Wave

Our band, The Verbs, that often played on the street in Boston/Cambridge 
got a gig opening for Richie Haven at Nightstage.
Two shows and when it came for our second set, we were introduced by a woman
dressed entirely in black.
She said in a lifeless monotone," You know them, you love them, you've 
seen them on the street. Here they are..."
I was so embarrassed. I sang the first song blushing so much it was hard to see.
We got through that song and each song got respectable applause.
After several we went into Let's Stay Together by Al Green.
I alone sang it and took two electric mandolin solos.
At the end they applauded as usual, BUT a huge wave of applause came crashing down over it and it was real show biz applause. What a feeling.

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