My story and sound, Part 2

My sound

So, I was laid off from a bookstore chain. I decided to get a Boston Street singing permit. Somehow I don't remember getting one, but at Park Street Station I saw this fellow singing "Please come to Boston". I invited my self to play along.
That summer a slew of people played behind me and Maurice, including now famous Nashville songwriter, Pat McLaughlin.
Eventually out there at Park Street Station some bluegrass musicians performed .  I joined them in what was to become Foxfire.
My style was not bluegrass, so eventually I got the heave ho.
I told the EX GF that I would form a better band, but she said I should beg to get back with them or quit music (her ex-husband was musical genius). My one year of switching to  mandolin did not impress her.
One day a woman with a violin case (turned out it was a 5 string viola) and I met on the street and I commenced talking and ended up scat singing a bebop tune as we walked. We decided to get together. I had met a guitarist.
So that was the birth of Strings Attached, the top band in the Boston acoustic scene.
During our early days I was visiting Bela Fleck, the now renowned banjoist. We would play Charlie Parker tunes.
Eventually, Bela was an occasional guest of Strings Attached. One of the three songs rehearsed with him was my chamber/jazz/folk instrumental, "Aurora".

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