Dave Stewert

I performed for years on Boston's streets. 
In 1983 part of my band backed a woman singer, 
just  bass, drums, bkp vocals and my beautifully 
electronic sounding  electric mandolin, 
Some big dramatic moves I did occasionally.
We played in front…

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Roar of the crowd

We started our second of four sets on a beautiful Summer eve, 
playing in front of Ann Taylor's Fasions.
I sang the first song and the crowd was already so big we had to back up.
We played that first…

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Huge Wave

Our band, The Verbs, that often played on the street in Boston/Cambridge 
got a gig opening for Richie Haven at Nightstage.
Two shows and when it came for our second set, we were introduced by a woman
dressed entirely in…

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Andy Kaufman and me

     "Me and Andy Kaufman"  

I attended the now defunct Graham Junior College and studied radio and TV broadcasting.  

Muffler, a kid from my hometown, attended Graham as well. I ran into him after the holidays and he told me that…

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My story and sound, Part 2

My sound

So, I was laid off from a bookstore chain. I decided to get a Boston Street singing permit. Somehow I don't remember getting one, but at Park Street Station I saw this fellow singing "Please come to Boston"…

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Tears for Fearsssssssssss

Back in the '80's, girls would come into the record store I worked at and would say, 

"Excuse me, Tearsssssssssss for Fearsssssssss." 

"Right here", I might say. 

"Oh, like... cassettesssssssssss..." 

"They're uptairssssssssssssss", I was known to say. 




Quiet songwriting method 

Tell yourself that you will write a song in the morning (when you are not busy. 

Wake up and make your coffee. Having that, grab your notebook, a pencil with eraser. 

Drink your coffee. 

No TV or computer on. 


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Folk Expert

For years I sold and reordered folk music records then CDs at Harvard Sq.’s Briggs and Briggs music. They referred to me as “Folk Expert”. We no doubt did our word play on that  (Tom Lehrer would listen in…

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After my glory days

After my glory days of playing on the streets of Boston and  Cambridge for 2 million people in ten years, not to mention the gigs we got when people saw the crowd around us, I would hang on my lunch…

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You know I love you

"Today at work, my third customer was buying 14 oranges. I asked for her store card but as she searched for it I rang them in and they showed as full price until the card scanned.
This led to…

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New Squirrel

When I worked at Briggs and Briggs Music in Harvard Sq. we would sometimes look out and observe the world. 

Directly across was Harvard Yard and specifically, The Widener Library. They allowed deliveries through the gate and there was a…

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Elvis Costello Fans

I over the years have bought a number of CDs by Elvis Costello. 

Working at the famous Harvard Sq. Music store, Briggs and Briggs I got the employee discount. 

Two of my co-workers in the record department were opera guys…

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