New Squirrel

When I worked at Briggs and Briggs Music in Harvard Sq. we would sometimes look out and observe the world. 

Directly across was Harvard Yard and specifically, The Widener Library. They allowed deliveries through the gate and there was a guard station. 

I believe, if my memory serves me right, two old men from Scotland worked the guard booth. I am sure of one. We would watch as he would get the Harvard Yard squirrels to climb up his pant leg and go into his pocket for peanuts. 

One day a squirrel climbed up and went in the pocket. Suddenly the old man jumped and let out a loud, pained shout. We were beside ourselves, laughing. 

A few weeks later the old guard was at our display window, obviously looking at a short wave radio. 

He came in and came to my counter right by the doors. 

"Looking for a new squirrel", I asked. 

"New squirrel", the old guard questioned loudly in his brogue.

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