Love's Mishaps, Part 2

"Love's Mishaps" spans 30 years with the bulk of the tunes from this century. 1984-2012.
"Be alright" (2003):
Acoustic guitars and mandolin back my vocals and lead guitar.
"What Memories" (1988):
A four track tape recording sporting electric mandolin and guitar
"Mixup in the orders" (1981, recorded 1999ish):
My only Freudian Reggae tune, recorded as my last big four track tape production turned digital. I am reminded of "A Mid-Summer's Night's Dream" with the donkey and cuckoo.
Mandolin and bass
"Love's mishaps" (2006):
James Herbst came up with the cover and the album title. I wrote this so that there would be a title track.
"After the storm" (2012):
Guitars, voices and eventually, mandocello tracks
"I still laugh" (2002):
Guitars, vocals and my acoustic mando
"Some of you" (2006):
Guitars, vocals, and mandolin
"Fontella Bass sang" (1990)
Guitars and mandolin
"Triumphant losses" (2005)
"In silence" (2005)
"Business doing pleasure" (1984)
An early home recording with me dabbling with a borrowed ARP synthesizer and a Matel drum machine
"Sweetness" (2011)

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