Love's Mishaps, Part 1

"Love's Mishaps" was conceived 1995 when a customer of mine from Briggs and Briggs Music ran into me in Harvard Sq.
I told James Herbst that I had gotten a CD player/recorder (this is before I had a computer) and was compiling songs for an album.
James said he'd interested as he was an artist who had experience with Photoshop.
After conferring about the song list, James went to work. He called announcing he had something done.
I had him over for dinner.
"What did you buy at Tower Records", I asked.
I reached into the bag and pulled out....
"Love's Mishaps" by Bob Comtois
My heart leapt up to my throat. The photo was one of the best photos I had ever seen.
Eventually I got a computer and released "With Relish" as my first CD.
"Love's Mishaps" was put on the shelf, due to my indecisiveness over the actual song content (and budgetary restrictions). It sat there till 2014 when I released it via my newly launched BOBCOMTOIS.COM.

Here's the original back cover:

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