An endearing nap

In 1984 I met a young artist from the Southwest working at a local restaurant. We began see each other on dates and I was falling deeply in love.
She invited me over and played Claire de Lune on her piano. I was floating in a enamored state.Spring came and flowers were in bloom. She invited me to go to the Boston MFA to see the works of Millet. All week I saw in my head the image of the two peasants taking a mid day nap by a pile of hay . I so wished she would lie next to me in this manner.
We enjoyed the exhibit and afterwards she suggested walking back through Boston and taking the T at Park Street.
We reached the Public Gardens and you couldn't ask for a more idyllic day. Everything was in full blossom.
She asked if I wanted to sit on the lawn. We sat there briefly when she said she was a bit sleepy and would i be okay to take a nap. She lay on her side with her head on my shoulder.
She quickly fell asleep as I stared at her in disbelief, remembering the painting of the workers as my heart raced.
Much later I wrote one of several songs for her. Rushing home from the grocery store with this electric mandolin part in my head and a theme. Pretty much captured it on my little 4 track tape recorder.

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